Techfarma Enterprise

TECH FARMA Makina San. Ltd. Ltd. Şti., Was established in 2012 in Istanbul. Our company specialized production machinery, machine revisions, all molds and parts manufacturing team of experts with high quality with 25 years experience smooth, precise and rapid production approach within the framework of continuous grow by developing human in Turkey, has been serving veterinary medicine and food industry.

Blister Packaging, Seperator Packing, Suspension Filling, Liquid Filling, Capsule, Boxing, Spesutra, Conveyor and Transport, Automatic Product Line and Spare Parts production in accordance with every capacity and size, there are design studies.
TECH FARMA Makina San. Has been growing with the sector by reflecting years of experience, quality and aesthetics to its products. Ltd. Ltd. Şti in pharmaceutical, veterinary and food industries; Machine, Mold and Spare Parts production has achieved a strong position with the success in the market.

Over 16 years in our industry, we have not compromised on trust, quality, honesty, customer satisfaction and innovation throughout our ongoing activity period. We have produced services and products that exceed our customers' expectations by working with continuous improvement and development targeting awareness. While doing all this, we have ensured that our employees work in a peaceful and safe environment.

- Reliability
- Ethical principles
- Respect for people
- Respect for the environment
- Social responsibility
- Excellence
- R & D
- Productivity
- The happiness of all stakeholders

Our Services - Projects

Supplier Network

Extensive supplier network across the globe, primarily in the United States.

Timely Delivery

Delivering our machines on the date we promised is one of our company's principles

Expert team

Our 20-year adventure continues with the first day of love in our field with our expert staff ...